Maintenance & Repair

We are more than just aftermarket goodies. Our goal is to offer all of our clients the best automotive maintenance and repair advice available. Even minor maintenance changes can turn into major savings and can alleviate major headaches down the road. Here are a few helpful tips that you can use at any time. We want to assist you in making informed decisions regarding your vehicle. With the right information on hand, it will enable you to make the right choices for you and your vehicle.

Have you ever felt vibrations while driving? The wheel balancing tab can explain how and why this happens. If you are wondering what harmful emissions are produced by your vehicle and want to do your part to reduce them, then the emissions and fuel saving tips sections are must-reads for you.

We believe an educated consumer is our best customer.

We will always be there to assist you with your maintenance and repair needs and questions.

Check Engine LightOn-Board Diagnostics

Our technicians use sophisticated diagnostic equipment to determine where the issue is


Brakes are one of a number of vital control systems in your vehicle

Oil Change Service

Oil lubricates the engine and absorbs heat, allowing the internal parts to work together effectively

COOLINGRadiator & Engine Coolant

A vehicle’s cooling system has the important task of keeping the engine from overheating


Regular maintenance is absolutely imperative if you want a diesel engine to last


The exhaust system is a vital part of your vehicle's emission system


When a vehicle is brought to our location for a wheel alignment, the first step for the technician is to road test the vehicle

Electrical SystemsBattery, Starter & Alternator System

Routine inspections of the battery is part of verifying that your vehicle is in top shape

Steering & Suspension Systems

steering and suspension systems are important for safety and comfort

Air Conditioning

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system needs to be kept in working order

Emission Control

One of the most important components in your vehicle for controlling exhaust emissions

Preventative Maintenance

We Install Quality