Auto Glass Replacement

Auto Glass Repair: FF provides professional auto glass windshield replacement. We offer highest quality professional service. The windshield is an important part of a car’s safety system and must be properly installed. At Factory Finish Customs we use only the latest manufacturer specified urethane adhesives and bonding products. We take the time to do the job right the first time, so you’ll be problem free down the road. We supply all types of auto glass including side and back glass replacements. Call or drop by the next time you need auto glass or any of the other range of auto accessories we offer.

Auto Glass Replacement


Not only do we use the best and fastest urethane’s on the market. we take the time to install your window properly then we let it bond until it's safe to drive. Most newer cars and trucks the windshield is part of the airbag and structural system. Some other shops will stick a window in and tape it in place, not here we care about your safety. We work will all insurance companies and most stone chip repairs are 100% free. call or email us for a quote today!

Let our experience work for you. We use Quality DOW Bonding products


BETASEAL™ Glass Bonding Systems


With a proven track record of providing exceptional performance, lowering costs and reducing assembly times, BETASEAL™ glass bonding systems are used worldwide for the structural bonding and sealing of stationary vehicle glass. BETASEAL glass bonding systems consist of BETACLEAN™ cleaners, BETAPRIME™ primers, and BETASEAL adhesives to provide a total bonding solution for glass bonding applications. BETASEAL formulations provide a wide range of mechanical properties to suit all vehicle requirements and are compatible with all vehicle production processes, including cold- and warm-applied systems. A wide variety of BETASEAL products also is specially formulated for aftermarket glass replacement. BETASEAL glass bonding systems meet OEM durability specifications and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for a barrier, rollover, and roof crush regulations.


  • Windshields
  • Backlights
  • Quarter glass


  • Excellent performance on automotive glass and ceramic substrates
  • Compatible with the most advanced automotive paint technologies
  • Primerless-to-paint systems technology
  • Technology for safe drive-away times of 30 minutes or less
  • High- and medium-viscosity products available
  • Reduced assembly times and cost
  • Crash-test proven
  • Leading, proven technology specified by OEMs worldwide
  • Ensures OEM-approved quality for the aftermarket

Stone Chip Repairs

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We can repair most small chips and cracks that are smaller than 1 inch. Cold and heat stress can make a small problem a big safety issue. Pricing on most repairs are 75.00 plus tax or your insurance will usually pay 100% of the cost.